Peace Jewelers

All diamonds from Peace Jewelers are cultured diamonds. Not only are they beautiful, but also less damaging to the environment and free from conflict. In fact, unmined diamonds are called ethical diamonds throughout Europe. They are better quality for a similar price. With the rising popularity of cultured diamonds, from revered fashion icons to European royalty, this trend is making a lasting impact in the world of jewelry. Even the largest jewelers in the world are making the switch from mined diamonds to lab-grown. Cultured diamonds from Peace Jewelers are a responsible choice, and you get better quality diamonds.



The Choice: From royalty to prominent Hollywood stars, cultured diamonds are now the preferred choice in fine jewelry. Embrace ethical elegance with Peace Jewelers fine jewelry.

10-year full price buy-back guarantee: Diamonds from Peace Jewelers are a sound investment. You can sell your jewelry and maybe generate a profit, but with our Classic Collection jewelry, you have the extra insurance that enables you to return any piece for the price you paid for it for up to 10 years. That’s our 10-year price protection. How can we do this? Our diamonds are high quality, and quality retains value.

Ethically Sourced: Mined diamonds, while beautiful, can have a dark side. Sometimes, the extraction of these precious gemstones can lead to conflicts. In contrast, Peace Jewelers Cultured Diamonds offer a guilt-free and ethical choice.

Less Damage to the Environment: Mined diamonds require extensive digging, which can lead to habitat destruction and land erosion. In contrast, our cultivated diamonds have a significantly lower environmental footprint.

Value: Peace Jewelers Diamonds are a sound choice for those who value the beauty of diamonds.